Tween years are awkward (as they should be!) Your kids are discovering the world in a new way, exploring new passions, figuring out what it means to be a good friend, all while juggling the crazy changes going on in their minds and bodies.

It can be a really strange and tough time - so what they need is a chance to embrace the weird and wonderful and truly be seen for who they are right now.

I'mPossible is a two-part tween empowerment event hosted by Jen Pisani Photography.

Event information

Give your tween an opportunity to slow down and reflect on how awesome and

loved they are. Build their confidence, help them create positive mindsets, set real goals, celebrate their wins and remind them to reach for the stars -

because everything is possible.

When is I'mPossible

Saturday | February 4th, 2023

How does it work?

Tickets are $99 (reg. $150) per child for this two-part event.

Space is limited so get your tickets early!

Part 1 -

A personalized photoshoot with Jen where your tween truly gets to shine! With a session that showcases their personality, passions and authentic self. It's about so much more than just posing for pictures. Jen takes the time to get to know your amazing child and connect with them on a deeper level!

Part 2-

In February, all the participants will be welcomed to a live Empowerment Event with engaging speakers, hands-on workshops and walk away feeling seen, inspired and a new sense of confidence.

How do I book a session?

Call or email Jen at 713-560-9353 or


What products are available?

Along with your photo session with

Jen you will have a chance to purchase custom artwork of your tween to remember this important stage in

their lives.

  • Canvases & Metal Wall Art
  • Keepsakes & Gift Prints
  • & More