Tween years are awkward (as they should be!) Your kids are discovering the world in a new way, exploring new passions, figuring out what it means to be a good friend, all while juggling the crazy changes going on in their minds and bodies.

It can be a really strange and tough time - so what they need is a chance to embrace the weird and wonderful and truly be seen for who they are right now.

I'mPossible is a two-part tween empowerment event hosted by Jen Pisani Photography.

Event information

This event is open to tweens/teens grades 5th - 8th. We will be focusing on coaching your child to identify their passions and putting those big dreams into photographic art!
We will cover:
- Goal Setting
- Realizing accomplishments
- loving what you do
- loving yourself 

Kids who are passionate in all things are welcome! Here are just a few of the individual passions your tween might have:
- Theater
- Art
- Cooking
- Baking
- Karate
- Gardening
- Dance
- Film
- Design
- Sports (basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, swimming, baseball, softball...etc)
- or any hidden talent you care about! 

This event will be in two parts.

The first part will be a personalized photoshoot where Jen will get to know your Big Dreamer’s passions and then create a session that show cases their personality. Being in front of a camera embracing who you are is a truly empowering experience. It's more than just sitting in front of the camera and posing. It's about the inner super hero inside! These sessions will be scheduled the first two weeks of January. 

The second part is an empowerment event where all of the tweens will meet each other and will work on skills like being excited for someone else accomplishments and truly cheering on others, learning how to celebrate wins even when they are not perfect, creating vision boards, and so much more! We will have two guest speakers and all of the supplies they need to have an amazing experience. This will be hosted at Light and Joy Studio in Kingwood on Saturday, February 4th. 

I am truly passionate about helping tweens unlock the super powers inside of them and I cannot wait to share that passion with you through this event! 
We are only accepting 20 kids. BOYS AND GIRLS WELCOMED!! The event will be $99 per child. Please fill out the form below to apply.