Want to be a Rep?

Check out all the details!

The JPP Class of 2025 team members becomes the face of Jen Pisani Photography, appearing on our website, marketing materials, advertising, social media and maybe even in some national senior magazines! 

I am super passionate about seniors and their experiences this last year in high school. It's a big deal and it really should be documented. Becoming a part of JJP team you have the opportunity to not only have your individual senior session, but be part of some fun, creative sessions that you might not have thought of. And what a great way for you to create content for amazing Senior Sunday posts.

One of the things I am proud of is the relationship the team builds. They are like family to each other and myself. A family where everyone feel supported and understood. I am constantly texting & talking to plan spontaneous photo shoots, picking volunteer projects together, random coffee dates & meeting up for the latest fashion shows! Some team members have even become roommates in college and all team members remain lifelong friends and sisters!

VIP Perks


* Styled photoshoots:

This is where you are the star of the set! All JPP Reps participate in stylized photoshoots where we create gush-worthy images of you! All JPP Reps get introductory headshots as well as several group concept shoots during our senior year.

* Individual Senior Session:

In addition to the fun group shoots, each JPP Rep receives their own individual senior photo session planned with his/her unique personality in mind.

* Opportunity to earn rewards:

You’re not the only one who gets goodies from being on Team JPP, your friends do too! When you share your experience, tell your friends about Jen Pisani Photography and share photos from the shoots you and your friend can earn rewards. You both will get access to a free custom phone app of your own images. It makes sharing quick and easy, and parents love being able to share photos with relatives!

* Participate in charity activities:

Each year we come up with a charity to work with that may be near and dear to one or more than one of the models. It is a great way to give back to the community as a group.

* Fun events and more:

Throughout the year, the JPP Models get together for coffee, pizza night, tailgate parties and more! I am always looking for ways to get together to create friendships that bond us together for a lifetime.